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Standards of Professional Responsibility
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California Staffing Professionals Standards of Professional Responsibility

The staffing and recruiting professions are committed to the highest standards of ethics and competence in its endeavor to deliver services to both employers and candidates.

As an advisor to employer clients, the member provides an objective understanding of the labor market, types of candidates available and ways to maximize their contribution.

As a representative of employer clients, the member increases their ability to obtain the most qualified employees while enhancing their image within the business community.

As an advisor to candidates, the member evaluates their qualifications and assists them in career planning.

As a representative to candidates, the member reviews and presents their backgrounds and skills to interested employers.

These functions and others place the highest responsibility on members of the industry to acknowledge that:

we can best meet our obligations to those we serve by following a common set of standards to guide our business practice.

an awareness of these standards by everyone associated with our profession will greatly enhance the quality and status of our services.

competent and ethical competition among consultants who observe these standards will further promote the growth and welfare of our profession.

Therefore, California Staffing Professionals requests all industry members to subscribe to the objectives of self-regulation and to the following Standards of Professional Responsibility.


 Relations with Employer Clients

© CSP members shall conduct all communications with employer clients forthrightly, honestly and factually, representing the candidate’s background, qualifications and salary requirements as accurately as possible.

º Prior to either a verbal or written presentation of a candidate to an employer client, CSP members shall make every effort to carefully screen the candidate for required credentials, qualifications and interest.

© CSP members shall not solicit candidates who are employed by the employer client where the CSP member previously placed them.

® Candidates shall be referred to an employer client for interview only with prior authorization of the employer client, which may be given verbally.

º Information conveyed by an employer client to a member concerning job order specifications and/or information concerning particular characteristics and requirements, shall be kept confidential under the direction of the recruiting and staffing firm to whom it was conveyed and shall not be used by any other firm without the consent of the firm to whom the information was conveyed.

® All direct mail solicitations, bulletins, advertising and profile information shall represent candidates who are available at the time of submission to the client or the publication. All business promotion shall be conducted forthrightly and without misrepresentations, expressed or implied.

º Fees and financial terms shall be fully and accurately disclosed to the employer client prior to the referral of a candidate. A verbal disclosure or agreement shall be confirmed in writing as soon as possible.


 Relations with Candidates

© CSP members shall conduct all communications with candidates forthrightly, honestly and factually.

º CSP members shall not discriminate against a candidate on the basis of race, national origin, ethnicity, color, sex, religion, marital status, age, physical and mental disability, medical condition, or other unlawful criteria.

© Information conveyed by a candidate to a member concerning the candidate’s search for employment, including the candidate’s name, address, telephone number, qualifications, education, accomplishments and experiences, shall (for the purpose of splitting or sharing a placement) be kept confidential and shall be used only under the direction of the recruiting and staffing firm to whom it was conveyed and shall not be used by any other firm without the consent of the firm to whom the information was conveyed.

® Candidates shall be referred to an employer client for an interview only for employment opportunities for which authority has been given verbally or in writing.

º Information presented to candidates regarding prospective positions shall (while respecting employer client confidentiality) be in conformance with the best knowledge of the CSP member.

® Positions advertised in newspapers or other media shall be described as accurately as possible and shall be actually available at the time the position is listed for publication.

º CSP members who provide services on a candidate-paid basis shall fully and accurately inform the candidate, verbally and in writing, of the fees and financial terms of a candidate-paid placement as required by law, prior to their referral to an employer client. Any adjustments and/or refunds of service charges shall be made promptly.


 Relations with Other Consultants

© CSP members shall conduct all communications with recruiting and staffing firms forthrightly, honestly and factually.

º CSP members shall recognize and respect the prior referral of a candidate by another recruiting or staffing firm and shall not act to bypass that referral procedure.

© In split or shared placements, the role of each recruiting and staffing firm shall be clearly defined in writing and respected by the other. Information received from one firm shall not be disclosed to any other firm and shall be used only for the purpose of effecting the original placement. Fees shall be disbursed in a reasonable time frame. Guarantees shall be jointly honored fully.

® CSP members shall not defame or demean another firm for the purpose of obtaining a competitive advantage. If an opinion is requested, it shall be rendered objectively and based solely upon information personally known.

º In the event of a dispute concerning Article III, Section 17, CSP members shall undertake every possible means to resolve the matter among themselves and/or through the resources of the CSP Board of Ethics and Professional Responsibility.


 Relations with the Public

© CSP members shall not, directly or indirectly, violate the Code of Ethics and/ or Standards of Professional Responsibility of CSP.

º CSP members shall not, directly or indirectly, commit an unlawful act nor engage in practices which involve dishonesty/misrepresentation.

© CSP members shall not assist an employer in misstating or concealing any material facts in connection with an employment opportunity being considered by a candidate.

® CSP members shall not assist a candidate in misstating or concealing material facts in connection with their application for employment.

º CSP members shall conduct the recruitment of candidates and the presentation of employment opportunities in a professional, ethical and responsible manner.

® CSP members shall report all violations of these rules to the CSP Board of Ethics and Professional Responsibility, and shall cooperate fully with the investigation and adjudication of the complaint. Any CSP member, whether owner, manager or employee who is charged with a violation, shall cooperate fully and abide by the decision of the CSP Board of Ethics and Professional Responsibility as approved or ratified by the State Board of Directors; provided, however, that the consultant has the right to appeal BEPR’s final decision as set forth in the CSP Bylaws: Article VIII, Section 11, Article f, part 6. Thereafter, the consultant shall comply with the final decision of the State Board of Directors or risk having its membership in CSP terminated indefinitely.


The CSP Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Responsibility shall not replace, contradict or supersede the requirement of any law, ordinance or statute at local, state and/or federal levels.

Our Mission

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