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Sexual Harassment Prevention

CSP does it again!   As your advocate, we've been searching for great solutions to solve the dilemma of training all of those in-house, and for staffing firms---field employees for the State of California mandated harassment training that goes into effect on January 1, 2021.  Yes, it's really coming and we're making sure all of our members are ready to be fully compliant.  


Several things for you to be aware of:

  • *ALL California employers who employ five (5) or more, must provide sexual harassment training to all employees and that training must be repeated every two (2) years
  • *Supervisory employees must be trained for at least two (2) hours 
  • *Non-supervisory employees must be trained for at least one (1) hour
  • *Non-supervisory and supervisory employees need to be trained within six (6) months of hire
  • *Anyone assuming supervisory roles must complete a two (2) hour training
  • *Temporary workers must be trained within thirty (30) days of initial hire or within 100 hours worked, whichever comes first
  • *ALL employees must be trained by January 1, 2021


California Staffing Professionals has been working closely with our Industry Partners to come up with a solution to provide options to our members to meet California's new training requirements.  There are two (2) outstanding options that we're proud to present.  Both options provide CSP members discounts.  We think you'll be more than pleased to see what's available to you.  Please take a few minutes to peruse both options. 

We hope one of these options will be perfect for you and works to your benefit.   

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